Inheritance law determines who the heirs are and how an estate should be divided up among them.

By drawing up a will or an inheritance agreement you can decide what should be done with your estate. We provide our clients with straightforward advice during succession planning. We prepare the most suitable prenuptial and inheritance agreements for you as well as last wills and testaments and can certify these documents ourselves in our capacity as certifying officers of the Canton of Schwyz.

We will gladly provide our services as executors of wills so as to ensure that an estate is settled as amicably as possible and in accordance with the testator’s/testatrix’s wishes. If you intend to settle the estate by yourselves as executors or heirs, but nevertheless require assistance, we will be happy to advise you.

Has your statutory entitlement been violated? Would you like to contest a will? Has your legacy not been bequeathed in accordance with your wishes? Have problems arisen during the distribution of the estate? Are there complicated circumstances – even though the estate should be distributed properly and without any disputes? We can provide you with professional advice in all matters relating to inheritance law. Our aim is to settle the estate quickly, properly and wherever possible without any disputes. Where necessary, we will conduct legal proceedings on your behalf (action for distribution of an estate, action in abatement based on violation of the statutory entitlement, annulment action based on the invalidity of the will or inheritance agreement).

Contact us – we will be happy to advise you on matters relating to:
  • will
  • inheritance agreement
  • estate planning
  • succession planning and succession arrangements
  • matrimonial property rights planning
  • tax planning
  • prenuptial agreement
  • prenuptial and inheritance agreement
  • appointment of heirs
  • legacy
  • advance care directive
  • patient decree
  • representation of heirs
  • annulment action
  • action in abatement
  • partition action
  • settlement
  • execution of will
  • foundations

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